Friday, September 02, 2005

Planned & Tentative Rides 2005

Super Bikers Club Malaysia
"Sunday" Rides 2005

Information Format:
Date > Ride Destination > Ride Leader > Rendezvous Point & Time > Lunch/B’fast

17.04.2005 > Awana – Bukit Tinggi > Jeff Lian > Mobil Jln.Kuching, 8.30am > Goh Tong Jaya
(Ride Completed Successfully)

22.05.2005 > Karak > Lionel Low > Mobil Jln.Kuching towards Selayang, 8.30am > Karak Town
(Ride Completed Successfully)

19.06.2005 > Cameron Highlands > Iskandar > Rawang RNR, 8.30am > Brinchang Town
(Ride Completed Successfully)

24.07.2005 > Fraser’s Hill > Eddy Wong > Mobil Jln.Kuching towards Selayang, 8.30am > Fraser Hill’s Resort
(Ride Completed Successfully)

21.08.2005 > PD > Azuar > Dunkin Donuts, Sg. Besi Toll, 8.30am > Lunch at Admiral Marina, PD
Ride Cancelled due to Haze Problem

18.09.2005 > Kuantan > Iskandar > BP Station, After Gombak Toll, 8.30am > Teluk

16.10.2005 > Damai Laut > Zubairy > Rawang RNR, 8.30am > TBC

20.11.2005 > Melaka - Selandar > YS Tan > Dunkin Donuts, Sg. Besi Toll, 8.30am > Melaka Town

18.12.2005 > Klawang – Seremban > Lionel Low > Mobil Jln.Kuching towards Selayang, 8.30am > Seremban Town

Overnight Rides 2005

Destination: Haadyai
Ride Leader: Dato Gopal
Ride Date: 13th-16th May
Ride Completed Successfully

Destination: Dungun Fiesta BBQ, 2nights (Fri-Sat-Sun)
Ride Leader: Iskandar
Ride Date: 24th-26th June

Meeting Point: 9am, BP Station after Gombak-UIA Toll
Ride Completed Successfully

Destination: Mersing, Kota Tinggi, Johor Bharu, 2nights
Ride Leader: Eddy Wong
Ride Date: Ride Postponed for the month

Destination: Ko Samui, 1-2nights
Ride Leader: Kenny Yong
Ride Date: 16th July 2005
(unofficial ride, interested parties can contact Kenny directly for more details.)

Destination: Betong, Thailand
Ride Leader: Ah Kong & Lionel

Ride Date: 29th July 2005
Ride Completed Successfully

Destination: Betong, Thailand
Ride Leader: Lionel

Ride Date: 26-28th August 2005
Ride Completed Successfully
Those interested to go, please contact Lionel 012-3952999 to make room bookings by 15th August. See other posting for more details.

TriNation Charity Ride
Ride Date: 17th-19th September
Ride Confirmed
Please visit for participation forms or click here for related links.
Registration & Payments can be made to our Secretary Iskandar (012-2014747).
Confirmation of participation/accomodation deadline: 31st July

Fasting Month

Destination: Simpang Pulai, Gua Musang, Betong, Kuala Lumpur
Ride Leader: Y S Tan
Ride Date: Mid Nov

Destination: Simpang Renggam, Kukup, Tanjung Balai, Karimun
Ride Leader: Eddy Wong

Ride Date: TBC

Special Events & Charity Rides
Phuket Bike Week (Songkran) 12th-15th April
Klang Dialysis Centre - 5th June 2005 - Ride Completed Successfully.
Tri-Nation Charity Ride 2005 - 17th-19th September 2005
Chiang Mai Bike Week - 8th December 2005
Wan Azuar Challenge Trophy - January 2006

These details are subject to change or adjusted from time to time. We will be adding & updating more details of other rides from time to time so please come back here to check for the latest information or call Iskandar at 012-2014747 for confirmation.

Please Note: The club is not responsible for any mishaps occured during any of our club events.

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