Monday, August 06, 2007

Planned Club Ride Activities for 2007

17th to 19th August, 2007 - Betong Ride
Ride leader: Kassim.

Dinner on Sat. 18th paid by SBCM. Details below.

7th to 9th Sept 2007 - Singapore Ride
Ride leader: Iskandar.

19th to 21st Oct 2007 - 3NCR 2007
See posting for 3 Nation Charity Ride for more info.

11th Nov 2007 - Day ride to Cameron Highlands
Ride leader: Dr. Jones

9th Dec 2007 - Tanjung Tualang for lunch
Ride leader: Mani

To register, email to: secretary at superbikersclubmalaysia dot org

================== Betong Ride =====================
The club is organizing a ride to Betong,Thailand on the 17-18 August. We are giving free dinner for members of SBCM. For non members who wish to join for the dinner, the charge is only RM30. The room rate at Merlin Betong is RM79. The new premises, the net rate per night is RM120 excluding breakfast and RM138 including breakfast.

The schedule is as follow:-
date Day Time venue Event
17.08.07 Fri
0730 R&R Rawang Rendezvous
0830 Depart
1000 R&R Simpang Pulai Half-hour fuel stop
1200 Petronas Pengkalan Hulu Half-hour fuel stop

18.08.07 Sat
1930 ShangriLa Restaurant Club-hosted dinner

19.08.07 Sun
Depart for home

To register for the ride, kindly e-mail the ride leader, En.Kassim at "kasity at tm dot net dot my" and provide the following details:
Name, IC and address; Membership #; Single/with wife; Bike make & model.
Please register before 15th August 2007 , 3 p.m. Ride Safe!

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SL said...

U can read more on Betong in this also features alot of posts on Ipoh and Perak food..Trsut me, it will transcend u into a world of gastronomic fantasies.. =P