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3NCR Krabi Information updates and guide

3NCR Event Itinerary at Krabi

The event itinerary and dinners program is still not finalise yet. However the basic event itinerary will as followed;

Thursday 4th October 

- Bikers Arrival at Hatyai
- Welcome Party at Hatyai (to be confirmed as looking for sponsor to supply venue and food.)

Friday 5th October
0900 hrs - Bikers assemble in front of Hansa JB Hotel
0915 hrs - Welcome Speech
0930 hrs - Flag off by VIP ( yet to be appointed)
Convoy depart to Trang with 1 police car escort & 40 route marshals
1100 hrs - Convoy stop in front of Big Ship Hotel (before Trang) for marshals to break into 3 groups to enter Trang for refuel and 30 min break. Refuel at 3 petrol stations inside Trang.
1200 hrs - Convoy depart Trang to Krabi
1400 hrs - Convoy arrived at Martime Park Resort. On site event registraion & distribution of event package to bike groups and bikers. Krabi marshals present at Martime Park to escort biker groups from Maritime Park to hotels at
Aonang Beach or Krabi town.
1700 hrs - Bikers (staying at Aonang Beach) assembled at Nopparat Thara Beach to be escort to dinner venue by Krabi marshals in convoy formation.
1800 hrs - Welcome Party at Khanab scenic viewpoint, (black crab monument or Pu Dam)
2200 hrs - End of Welcome Party

Saturday 6th October
0930 hrs - Bikers assembled at Nopparat Thara Beach
1000 hrs - Flag off by Krabi Mayor, Mr Kiratisak Phukauluon
1100 hrs - Release of Fish
1200 hrs - Lunch Break
1300 hrs - Return to Krabi town
1700 hrs - Bikers (staying at Aonang Beach) assembled at Nopparat Thara Beach for convoy escort by Krabi riders to Khanab Nam harbour scenic viewpoint (black crab monument or Pu Dam)
1800 hrs - Arrival at Charity Dinner venue
1900 hrs - Start of Dinner
- Live band, The Sun
- 9-course sit down dinner for 1500 to 2000 participants
- Stage performance by local students
- Girl dance group
- others - speech, lucky draws, auction,etc
2200 hrs - End of Dinner
- Krabi bikers will be available to escort bike groups returning to Aonang Beach

Sunday 7th October
0900 hrs - Bikers assemble at Noppharat Thara beach for convoy ride to Hatyai.
1000 hrs - Convoy depart to Trang -Hatyai with police escort & marshals
1200 hrs - Refuel at Trang
1230 hrs - Depart Trang to Hatyai
1430 hrs - Arrived at Hatyai

Welcome Party & Charity Dinner @ Krabi
In Krabi, the Welcome Party & Charity Dinner shall be held outdoor at Krabi town , where the BlackCrab Monument is located at the riverside scenie viewpoint. The Welcome Party is sponsored by the Krabi Municipality and will have local Bolero band, and a student band of Krabi Municipality Music contestance and food. There will be booths selling biker merchandise and local souvenirs as well as beer.

The Charity Dinner on Sat 6 Oct will also be held at riverside scenic viewpoint. Roads along the riverbank will be cordon off to host our dinner which should have 150 to 200 tables. Each table seat 10 person and we encourage bike leaders to register their group in ten to reserve their dinner table. The seating arrangement for all bike groups will be base on the time of their registration and shall be allotted tables accordingly. Early registration mean a participant or bike group get to seat nearer to the stage. Bike groups seating and table arrangement will be display on our 3NCR website and on-site to avoid any dispute.

Hotel Accommodation at Hatyai & Krabi
The Organising Committee has liase with Hansa JB Hotel and Krabi Hotel Association to offer all participants adequate hotel accommodation at preferential rates. We have checked and certified all hotels offered for booking to be biker-frendly and have adequate and safe bike parking.

In Hatyai, Hansa JB Hotel has allocated us 300 rooms (RM 155 per room/night) for 3NCR participants and this is where on Friday 5 Oct the convoy ride will be flag off at 9.30 am to Krabi. The Organising Committee encourage all bikers to stay at JB Hotel as it will be more convenient for them if they are participating in the convoy ride. Also, the level of safety for bike parking is much higher than those in town.

Main event hotel in Krabi is Maritime Park Resort & Spa, where the on-site registration and collection of 3NCR event package will be done. This is 221 room resort in Krabi town and is 10 min ride to the dinner venue. We are alloted 175 rooms (RM 188 per room/night) and to date there is only a balance of 70 rooms left.

Beside this, Krabi Hotel Association has provided us with 800 plus rooms in 40 resorts in Aonang for all participants who chose or prefer to stay at Aonang Beach for 3NCR. Aonang Beach is a more vibrant and happening area where visitors can easy access to dinning, shopping and entertainment. It is about 20 km or 30 min ride to Krabi town or the scenic viewpoint where the event dinners are held.

Group who need more than 10 to 20 rooms are encourage to take the bigger resorts in Aonang as their large parking space is well suited for big number of bikes. They will definitely enjoy staying there as the group will have the whole resort to themselves.

Krabi Hotel & Rates:
Aonang Hotel & Rates:
Aonang Map:

Krabi Marshal Service
For those staying at Aonang, we have arrange with the 4 bike clubs; Krabi Riders, Aonang Big Bikes, King of Road and Spin Wheel to provide marshals to escort bike groups from Aonang beach to and fro Krabi town for the 2 dinners. We hope by doing these it help reduce the stress or workload for the bike group leaders and also to ensure minimum accidents.

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